Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades Sydney

What are Switchboards?

Your switchboard is essentially the control centre for your Sydney business or home’s entire electrical network. It is here that your power supply is organised into different circuits with a fuse attached to each. Switchboards are also sometimes known as fuse boxes or power boxes and are commonly found attached the side of a wall on the outside of a property or in a garage or electrical room.

Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades

There are plenty of common signs that your switchboard could do with a service. If you experience any of the following, you may have outdated equipment or require repairs:

Sydney Switchboard upgrades and repairs, H4ORCE electrical.– Constantly blowing fuses
– Flickering lights
– Power outages
– Higher than expected power bills

Outdated switchboards may also be prone to short-circuits, which can spark and cause fires and electrocution. Newer switchboards are able to switch off the power supply if there is a power leak. It may be essential for obsolete equipment to be upgraded ASAP to keep the people and belongings inside your property safe.

H4ORCE’s Sydney electricians are fully qualified and have a heap of experience when it comes to assessing switchboards. Whether it is in a commercial, industrial or residential property, we will be able to diagnose any faults with your fuse box and then provide an honest, up-front recommendation and quote, whether it be for repairing your existing switchboard or providing an upgrade for a modern one.

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we are very happy with the result, a new much better fan and also light. I would wholeheartedly recommend the work of H4ORCE they proved to be courteous, reliable and also reasonably priced.


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