Smoke Alarm Installation

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Fires are a big risk to all properties in Australia. Whether it be due to one of our notorious bush fires, an electrical fault within your property or a mistake made by someone with an appliance, you want to ensure that your family or business will be completely safe in the event of a fire.

Smoke alarms sense smoke, which triggers a loud alarm designed to alert everyone in the vicinity of the impending danger.

Why you need a licensed Electrician to Install Your Smoke Alarms

There are many factors that contribute to sufficient smoke alarm protection. Neglecting certain things or taking shortcuts can put your family or business at risk. Our smoke alarm installation service will ensure that:

Smoke Alarm installation Sydney– You have an alarm situated on each floor of your property
– Alarms can be properly heard from every room within the property
– Alarms are not located in areas where wind or air flow may affect alarm effectiveness
– All alarms are fully operational
– You have a plan for the upkeep of your smoke alarm system, to continue to keep your property safe

We only use the best products that meet Australia’s high standards in smoke alarm technology.

To book our smoke alarm installation service in Sydney, contact H4ORCE today on 0400 446 723.

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